Marilyn Hughes Artist
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Marilyn Hughes is a Botanical Artist belonging to the Gloucestershire Society of Artists. She specialises in pencil and polychromos coloured pencil work, graphite pencil and oil. Her superbly finite detailed drawings have been admired and exhibited nationwide.

Her amazing compositions are extremely empirical and often enhanced with vibrant colour.

Marilyn’s love of flowers and gardens, together with her flower arranging skills made possible the natural progression to botanical art. After using most mediums, she found that oil based coloured pencils with a mix of graphite was to be her chosen medium. Painting in oils was also to become a firm favourite. With these three mediums she combined the vibrancy of colour and accuracy into each piece of work. This proved to be the way forward, bringing these mediums to life.

Ann Swan, Botanical Artist in Coloured Pencil (an RHS Gold Medallist), has been a huge inspiration to her, having been a student with Ann for 14 years. Marilyn now teaches in the same style with polychromos coloured pencils and has done so for the past 5 years at such venues as Cirencester College, Nature in Art, Art in Action, Summer School for Gloucester Arts & Crafts, various Art Clubs and runs her own Workshops.